Stopping Voter Fraud

Stopping Voter Fraud

Feet of a crowd and eye balls. If you want to know the truth of stopping voter fraud. That is what it takes. I know you feel very disappointed right now. You may have thought that some magic would happen. Done by others so you wouldn't have to lift a finger and voter fraud will just go away. No. Let me repeat that. No.

I would highly recommend that you gather some friends, put on your coat and go watch the people that handle the voting ballots. Bring a camera and a flash light with you. From a reasonable distance record everything and make your presents know. Record license plates of vehicles that transport ballots and ask for names of people that handle them.

Post your videos on line and make copies for others to hold on to. Share with local TV news. Even if you think nothing wrong happened.

Posted 2 years ago by S2-Actual, Chris


Sharon McGuire 1 year ago

Voters must be checked for citizenship. This isn't racist, it is stopping foreign interference into our voting system. Protect our country, our citizens, and our right to vote. Remove all illegal voters from the ballot boxes that are overturning our fair elections. Democrats refuse to help in this matter as they love the foreign illegal is the only way they win offices that are destroying our constitution and our "GREAT AMERICA".

Vic Anderson 1 year ago

ST0P the DEM ($0R0$/CLINT) machine flips.

Mark Cameron (website) 1 year ago

Ballots or bullets

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