The S2 Project was build for the American people

The S2 Project was build for the American people

The S2 Project was build for the American people. To assist in the Greatawakening. Be a companion to fantastic work and effort the QAnons are doing for our world. To fill the gap of draining the swamp at the local to state levels. Fight the 50 fights in the 50 states with there different laws from a grass roots level.

Trading protesting for going after government's back channel communications. To read the paperwork signed in the name of the people, that the people never get to read. Provide a volunteer environment where they are not hounded for constant donations. For they already are donation the precious spare time to better their communities.

The Meme is the banner we put on display at state fairs, public events, outside shopping malls where we can set up small tent & folding table. Educating the public on what is going on that the very woke folk know. And how to be part of the effort to push back. We're in the fight for America.

Our national team, Patriot Headquarters, needs more people to support teams in the field and leaders in all 50 states to learn our tactics & strategies. To build local teams. If you're looking for a way to get in the fight, this is your opportunity. Don't know how? We'll teach you.
All skill levels are welcome here. Spare time. More than your vote is required to maintain a free republic. Talk with us.

Posted 4 years ago by S2-Actual, Chris


Mike 4 years ago

Cannot read the text. Background image distracts.

Gary Bellan 3 years ago

I am all for a group that backs the fight for our country, count me in...

John Best 3 years ago

Did you block me on Gab for telling the truth about democrats and republicans? That's pretty childish. You have a whole lot to learn, Son.

Lynnette Wood 2 years ago

I'm all in!!

Richard Hughes 1 year ago

I'm in 🪖

kathy 6 months ago

what the heck does s2 stand for? why is it named s2?

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